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Digital transmission in pressure sensors

When accurate values are required in an application, digital sensors are superior to analog instruments. Particularly in automotive engine test benches, accurate pressure measurements are a must.


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Industry application

  • In the field of oil and gas, pressure sensor is a very wide range of basic components.
    In the measurement process is also related to various types of pressures, such as gauge, absolute pressure, differential pressure, pressure and differential pressure,. No matter from oil drilling, mining and transportation process, petroleum and natural gas industry, the application of pressure sensors exist a variety of challenges and difficulties. Such as cost control, safety construction and environmental protection, and other key issues.

  • In this era of promoting energy efficiency, we are always faced with how to comply with the provisions of the premise, the high efficiency of indoor air quality and other challenges.
    In the field of heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), Mike can help you achieve the efficient control of gas compression, reduce costs, so that you and your customers to enjoy the comfort and health. In the collection of the advanced bus operation, wide digital temperature

  • From the production of soda and ice cream ice cream, from the production of vegetable juice to potato chips, all food and beverage processing industry have similarities - operation of pollution risk and convenient cleaning needs.

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